​Robert Adamson
"Creativity is intelligence having fun."​Albert Einstein
About Me

Here is the formal biography: 
                                                                     Robert Adamson

 ... and here are some more informal facts about me: 

I am intelligent, I was a member of Mensa until I realised I was too bright to pay a subscription just to sit in a pub or play Trivial Pursuit!

I am good at analysing information - particularly written material

I am very patient 
I am very emotional - my daughters tease me that I think Bambi is a horror movie!

I believe (passionately) that people matter far more than money or property 

I enjoy  meeting people, solving the problems of the world, the universe & everything.

I am a TERRIBLE chairperson because I let people talk too much!

I think marriage is so good that I've done it three times (once widowed and twice divorced).

I may add things to this list as I think about them.

Born: 8 August 1949 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England

Educated: St Luke’s College Exeter & Lancaster University
Interests: Internet / Computers, Church Activities, Reading, Films

Family: Robert has 2 adult daughters from his first marriage. 

Robert Adamson is a former Civil Servant and Carer. He trained Fire Service Officers, Civil Service Managers and Managers from Local Authorities and the Emergency Services.

He retired in 1996 to spend more time with his second wife Rosemary who had Multiple Sclerosis and has since died. Robert is a wheelchair user and has an understandable interest in disability issues, particularly MS, as an ex-carer and also having the disease himself. 

Robert lives alone and proves that people with disabilities can have an active and influential role in society. 

Until 2005 he was a Trustee of the MS Society, more recently vice-chair of their Hambleton & Richmondshire branch and is now Treasurer of the York branch.

He has been a candidate in elections to the European Parliament, Chair of the Liberal Democrat Yorkshire & Humber Region & successfully took part in various internal Party elections.

Robert was a candidate in UK General Elections from 2001  and at the next election will represent Doncaster North, the area where he was born.

Contact him: [email protected]