​Robert Adamson
"Creativity is intelligence having fun."​Albert Einstein
I support the Liberal Democrats

  I am active politically and have been a candidate in European elections as well as  General Elections and local authority elections at County and District levels.
I have lobbied at Westminster and Brussels for various charities including the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Leonard Cheshire & the Mental Health Alliance.

Why am I politically active? ... because I got tired of  letting other people make decisions which affect my life.

I feel that the country (under successive Conservative and Labour Governments) has drifted towards apparently accepting that money and financial targets are all that matter.  Now the coalition has ended the Conservatives are cynically weakening or cancelling the policies we forced them to accept.

I believe that the success of a nation should be judged on a range of issues like how we treat our elders, opportunities for young people to be educated and then enter satisfying careers, how we help people who are sick or who have disabilities and so on. 

I believe that all human beings should have the right to live with dignity.  

  1. John F Kennedy